Useful Sex Positions

Between the sheets, some men have problems setting records for long-lasting lovemaking. While others have a hard time getting their partners to climax. Well, guess what — I’ve put together a list of some fantastic sex positions. These sex positions are sure to fulfill your particular sexual mission, which should include giving your lucky lady some unadulterated pleasure. Please note that while these sex positions might not be the most exciting, actually they’re pretty basic, they prove that you don’t have to be a yoga expert to get off.

Her on top

If you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend who says to you, “Sometimes, I just want to be the chick in charge,” you better let her take control of the situation and enjoy the ride. The female-superior sex position is perfect to assume when your partner is feeling energetic and playful. When the woman takes control, she decides whether she wants an orgasm via her clitoris or her G-spot, as both types of orgasms are attainable through this position. For a guaranteed clitoral orgasm, ask her to lean her torso forward, arch her back, and keep her crotch near the base of your penis.

Instead of the usual up and down movement, try lateral jerks to really hit the spot and increase sensitivity. Pulling yourself upright and hugging her tight for that special heart-to-heart moment is an added bonus with this sex position.

To maximize her chances of G-spot stimulation, get her to lean back on her hands. Assuming this sex position will persuade her to ride your sexual organ up and down as well as capitalize on all the awkward angles, which will hit her love button.

Her sitting

Your week was long, you just had a romantic dinner with red wine, and if you played your cards right, she wants to get it on in a hurry. Believe it or not, but women are often in the mood for a quick fix instead of a long, drawn-out, mushy love fest. To start this sex position right, lift her up onto the countertop and let her assume the spread-eagle position. Now, you should be standing in front of her to enter; the angle and thrust force provided by this sex position creates mega-heat in a minimal amount of time.

Intercourse in this sex position should get her excited in a hurry through G-spot stimulation. Although it maximizes your chances of getting her aroused, remember that you will be vulnerable to premature ejaculation. Due to the angle, the head of your penis will rub her inner body in such way that it will be hard to control your orgasm.

cat position

Okay, so the missionary position doesn’t always make your mate shiver with desire. A non-acrobatic, modified version could result in amazing orgasms. This position offers what we call a slow burn, it allows sexual pleasure to build up slowly and results in an intense and intimate clitoral orgasm.

This position, called the coital alignment technique, is very simple to do. The man needs to slide two to four inches forward from the typical missionary position, and rather than resting on your elbows, your arms should cup her shoulders so that your body falls flat against hers. Both your spines should be straight, and the base of your penis should rub against her clitoris.

The next step to coital climax involves intense genital friction. Your partner’s legs should be straight out and touching yours while she pushes her pelvis upward two inches. You should push down gently to give a slight counter-resistance. There shouldn’t be any in-and-out, it’s more of an up-and-down movement, and since the genitals are sharing such a close quarters, it should be a pleasurable experience for both of you. Remember, try to resist putting your organ in your partner for a different type of climax.

doggy style

In general, most men prefer Doggy Style. A little firm, well-placed stroking of a woman’s G-spot can give orgasm a whole new definition. As previously mentioned, hitting a woman’s G-spot from different angles can work wonders, and doing it from behind will do just that.

Men and women bring out their animal instincts exceptionally well when going at it from behind. Even the most mild-mannered guy usually lets loose when caught up in such a position.

A little tip is to moderately increase the strength of your strokes so that your partner doesn’t get hurt. Finally, Doggy Style is usually better for hitting the G-spot, therefore, try massaging her clitoris to double her sensation.


The side-by-side position will do wonders for men who tend to ejaculate prematurely. Being side-by-side will limit the range of motion, therefore it should result in longer lovemaking sessions.

Performing the side-by-side position will require a constant movement of your pelvis, this will allow constant sensation and avoid the loss of erection. It is a great position to caress and flatter your partner with verbal compliments. Hopefully most of you will experiment some of these exciting positions and maximize your partner’s pleasure.

Good luck and remember to practice safe sex!

Keep reading for more great positions.

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