Does Penis Size Matter?



Once and for all, yes, penis size does matter. But don’t head to the surgeon’s office just yet there, Jacko; it matters, but not in the way that you think.

After asking 200 women of all ages (over 18), sizes, ethnicities, and sexual habits, the conclusion was that 82% of these women were content with a penis that was big enough to satisfy them, which averaged at about 6 inches. That, by the way, is just about the average penis size for men, according to the Lifestyle Condom Penis Size survey, which measured the erect penis size of 300 men.

And what did women have to say about girth? Well, I’ll get into the thick of that issue later…

go the extra inch

Of course, there was a small percentage (9%) who wanted a penis that was larger than average (7 to 8 inches). There was also a minute amount of women (2%) who preferred mammoth-sized penises (10 to 12 inches). And lastly, 7% preferred a penis that was smaller than average (about 5 inches). But once and for all, let us discover what the deal is when it comes to what women think about the size of a man’s penis.

Most women surveyed agreed that a man could have the most confidence in the world; he could be a complete success personally, financially and in all the other areas that are of importance to him. But if he thinks that his penis size is under average, or even average for that matter, suddenly everything else in his life pales in comparison to his underachieving pecker.

The unfortunate blunder men make when it comes to penis size is believing that bigger is always better; that is not always the case. In fact, many women who dated men with abnormally larger penises complained that they weren’t able to comfortably enjoy certain sexual positions, nor were they able to adequately give oral sex. The last thing a woman wants is to have her man’s penis knocking against her cervix during sex or creating stretch marks around the corners of her mouth.

other important things

The issues of major importance when it came to penises had more to do with the look and texture of a man’s penis. Women segued from size and color to veins and hygiene.

When asked what, besides size, was extremely important (and besides cleanliness; all of them chose it first), this particular group of ladies had this to say

56% expect a penis to more or less match the complexion of the rest of a man’s body.
23% expect a penis to feel very smooth.
21% weren’t very happy about an abundance of veins.

Surprisingly, most women surveyed had mixed opinions about circumcised men. Some thought that uncut men were more prone to giving them infections (which is not true so long as uncircumcised men maintain good hygiene habits) and simply didn’t like the look of it, while other women simply preferred a natural penis. Most women, however, were indifferent about the cutting issue.

racial stereotypes

So do black men have larger penises than average? Do Asians have smaller penises than average? Well, yes, but not by much.

Black men are indeed bigger than Caucasian men, but only by half an inch or so, on average. And Asian men are about half an inch smaller on average. But the interesting thing about all of this is that the women in each race have vaginas that are perfectly designed to fit. That’s right; according to, Asian women tend to have smaller vaginas and black women larger ones, relative to Caucasians.

most recent survey

Of course, different surveys claim that different sizes are normal. Why? Well first, because they’re surveys. Second, because no survey has the time or the finances to measure every erect penis on Earth. Thus, the most recent survey, conducted by the Lifestyles Condom Company in 2001, measured the erect length and girth of 300 college age men in Cancun amid Spring Break.

Here’s what they concluded:

The average length of an erect penis is about 5.9 inches.
The average girth of an erect penis is about 5 inches.

Alfred Kinsey, of the famed Kinsey Institute, conducted the first report on average penis size in the 1940s, which claimed that the average erect penis was 6.2 to 6.4 inches in length. The flaw with this survey was that the study focused only on Caucasian men and let the men measure themselves (and my guess is that some were supersizing ). And although the difference is only about a mere half an inch in difference, it means a whole lot to many men out there.

what’s more important?

But wait, the women had more to say (we always do). When asked whether length or girth was more important, most women opted for girth, as they claimed to enjoy the feeling of a thick penis against their vaginal walls rather than having an unusually long penis poking against their insides.

Most women, according to the 200 surveyed, preferred a “proportional penis.” As one woman said, “I don’t want a pencil penis poking and prodding me, nor do I want a stubby little cigar trying its damnedest to rip me apart. The length has to be proportional to the width.” And what would that be? I guess that would be the average.

so what’s the point?

Of course, when asked, most men would opt to have a bigger penis. The reasoning is perhaps more about ego than satisfying a partner, not to mention being able to walk naked with absolute pride in the men’s locker room. But I digress.

Rejoice; chances are that your woman is quite happy with the size of your manhood. Thus, it’s about time that you were content with your little buddy as well. We really do love you just the way you are. Keep it clean and healthy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

And if you’re below average, there are other ways in which to satisfy your woman, so explore your options.


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