10 Ways To Deal With Fuel Costs

With fuel costs going through the roof, and headed even higher, small-business owners everywhere are feeling the pinch. And for travel-intensive businesses, such as those offering deliveries, it’s more like a punch in the gut. Government estimates say gas prices could hit $4 per gallon this summer.

Employees are also feeling the pinch, and the most fortunate small employers are trying to help on that front as well. Some are boosting payments for employee-incurred mileage, while others are letting workers telecommute more often.

Here are 10 ways that small businesses of different types can cope with the rising cost of gasoline and other fuels:

  1. Add a separate fuel fee. Call it a fee, call it a surcharge – call it whatever you want. But more and more small businesses are tacking on a special charge to offset the cost of gas.
  2. Restructure your pricing or territories. Some businesses are restricting the areas they serve, or charging more to go out of area.
  3. Use an outside shipper. Small businesses that once delivered small supply orders themselves are finding it cheaper and more efficient to send things via UPS or the postal services
  4. Leverage the Web. Show customers how buying online and by mail order can save them money by not having to visit your location. Use Web-based collaboration sites to “meet” with clients, freelancers, partners and others rather than meeting in person.
  5. Hop into a hybrid.

For 5 more ways, go here.


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