Need A Biz Idea? Inspiration’s All Around

Many of us are so preoccupied with our busyness that we miss many opportunities. We move through our days noticing very little of our surroundings. And yet, opportunity and valuable information and inspiration abound in our environs.

These kinds of positive things are all around you. They exist in books, classes and conversation, on the Internet and in Mother Nature. It is also present in our immediate surroundings if we just take the time to pay attention. Opportunity can even come to you merely by eavesdropping. Let’s take a look at how it worked for David.

David hadn’t gone to his favorite diner to get rich: He went simply to have lunch.

But strike it rich he did. David was at a table in the diner, waiting for his food to be served. He was lost in thought, trying to decide what he was going to do with his life. Two men were talking at the next table. It became apparent to David that both of the men were building contractors.

Their discussion became more heated as they began to vent their frustrations. Both were experiencing construction delays because parts they needed to finish their projects weren’t available. It seemed that every company made their own unique product, and none ever seemed to have the required items in stock.

Because the parts were not interchangeable, the men had no option but to wait until they could receive the shipment of items that they needed. At first, David was only dimly aware of what was being said but then he started listening more closely.

Later, as David thought about the conversation that he had overheard an idea began to take shape in his mind. Several years have passed, and David is now a very successful manufacturer. His plant produces standardized hardware for use in construction. His products are designed to work with all other fixtures and hardware. They aren’t glamorous, but they are constantly in demand.

Being aware of his surroundings, listening to the needs and wants of others and being able to respond to them set David on his personal road to entrepreneurship.


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