Mens’ Brains Are Bigger.

It’s true that men have larger brains than women. The average male brain is around 1.25 kg and the average female brain is around 100g less than that. So there you have it, folks. Men are smarter than women.

Sound like bullsh*t to you? Well, that’s probably because it is, in fact, the filthiest kind of bullsh*t you could ever even begin to entertain. Yet, herds of douchebags everywhere are sinking their teeth into this fact and parading around as the affirmatively smarter sex.

men have larger brains than women

The real subject at hand here is not one of general intelligence. It’s widely understood that men and women differ on multiple levels and it is these differences that MAY account for the literal difference in brain size between men and women.

Researchers have actually proven that those mammals which are more domesticated and emotionally intelligent do have a smaller brain mass.

Does this mean they’re less intelligent? Of course it doesn’t. What it does mean, is that they’re less aggressive. Aggression has been directly correlated to larger brains in mammals. The why and how behind this correlation is a mystery still in many ways. However, it is a fact: Any domesticated dog, cat, sheep, or even a pig has a brain that weighs about 25% less than its wild counterpart.

The truth is that both female and male skulls have been shrinking over the last few tens of thousands of years. This suggests that humans, in general, are all becoming more domesticated. However, it makes sense to me that women would have a slightly smaller brain mass. After all, loads of research has already been conducted to verify that women are much more emotionally oriented than men.

Anyone here ever encountered a guy who uses this brain mass information as an excuse to assume men are generally smarter than women? Tell your story!


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