Aries + Leo

The elemental combination of Aries fire with Leo fire is an excellent one. There seems to be an immediate attraction and an immediate understanding of each other’s personality.

This combination works on every level: physically, mentally and emotionally. Even your spiritual sides will be inspired by each other. But remember that in the extreme, two fire signs combining can be very explosive, and this relationship will more than likely burn at least one of you out.

Fire + Fire = Explosion

You are both driven individuals with strong creative impulses, so you are well placed to understand and support each other’s ambitions. When you do help each other, you will both succeed in achieving your own individual long-term goals. The two of you can work as a great team.

But you must understand that Leo is a proud and dominating sign, similar to Aries.

Your partnership must be built on respect for each other, because the question of who will rule the roost is likely to eventually surface. When this competitiveness gets going, one of you will have to give in. As long as you maintain the respect you started with, and approach these showdowns in a sporting, fun way, it should be OK.


The sporting side to this combination arises because Leo is the fifth sign from Aries — this indicates a very playful, almost sporting, association between you. Let’s hope you can keep it good-humoured. You needn’t try to overpower each other.

If you are working together, there might be a showdown sooner or later as you both vie for the dominating position. Others might, unfortunately, get caught in the middle of your ferocious battles of will.

The common element of fire between you promises a rich and rewarding experience, sexually.

Sensually speaking, this is an extremely compatible star sign combination. You couldn’t ask for a much better combo. You are both keen to assert yourselves by pleasing each other, so you will make sure each other’s deepest needs are met.

The Leos who are most compatible with you, by far, are those born between 13 August and 23 August, because this period is co-ruled by Aries itself, your own star sign. In these Leos you will see much of yourself reflected; they will see the same in you. Those born at this time will be lots of fun, and highly invigorating sexually and emotionally.

Leos born between 24 July and 3 August are a bit too proud and controlling for you. A long-term battle of wills is likely. Both of you must try not to control the other.

If you’re looking for someone who’s going to offer you spiritual blessings and fulfilment, Leos born between 3 August and 13 August are a good chance. You share some previous lucky karma with these folk.

Overall, Leo is one of the better star signs for you, as you can enjoy a great social life and also a more serious and committed long-term relationship with Leos.

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