Entrepreneur Creates Art From Antiques


Judi Wolford has a knack for seeing a possibility where others don’t — whether it’s turning a worn-out couch into a work of art or taking a vacant store and bringing it back to life.
On June 14, Wolford, of Battle Creek, will open a new downtown shop, Antiquities & Eccentricities, at 28 West Michigan Avenue. Wolford also will move her busy furniture business, Creative Covering Fabrics & Upholstery, from its spot on 1499 East Michigan Avenue to a workshop space in the new store.

Wolford said she had to procure a special use permit to sell antiques, because a city ordinance that limits the use of antique and “second hand” shops is currently in place. Getting the special use permit approved, she said, was an easy process, and the neighboring downtown businesses have been extremely supportive and welcoming.

Wolford’s sales and fabric consultant, Karen Spring, said the shop has a lot of potential, including the possibility of a lunch and coffee cafe. The pair hopes to evolve into a destination shop for people from around the area.

We already have a great client base because the furniture we create is so unique and customized,” Spring said. “The idea of this store is to showcase the furniture, but also be a place to find something funky and fun or a really unique gift.”


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