Is Word of Mouth Effective for Bad Products?


Way too many people seem to think that “word of mouth marketing” is about getting others to spread your marketing message. That is, they think it’s about putting words into the mouths of others.

But that’s not true at all. Real word of mouth marketing is about building a great product, and then letting your customers pass on the news however they see fit. If there’s anything to do on the “marketing” side, it’s merely to enable the tools for your biggest fans to spread the word, and then get the hell out of the way. However, it appears many marketers still don’t understand this concept.

Word of mouth marketing is never going to make a lick of difference if your product sucks. Rather than focusing on such things, concentrate on making a good product first — and then worry about the marketing campaign. And if the campaign fails — recognize that maybe it’s got something to do with the product.

Plenty of movie studios have tried promoting movies that just weren’t any good by word have mouth and had minimal success. Lesson learned is, good products promote themselves. If a product just isn’t good the only word of mouth that’s going to be going around is how bad product is.


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