Just Junk

With how popular yard sales are, you’d think that people would realize the full potential of ‘junk’. Mike Thorne was able to see the profit available in the junk business as well.

The idea for Just Junk came to him one day at work. When asked to remove old office equipment from the building he was in, he started to search for a removal company and came up empty handed. This realization was strong enough to motivate him to leave his job and move back to his home town in St. Catharines, Ontario. With $500 he bought a can and such began his business.

That was in 2003. Since then the business has grown to include franchises in some Ontario, Canada towns such as Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga. They are now currently looking to expand even further with their first step into the US by opening up franchise opportunities in Florida.

Just Junk will remove all the things any customer could need taken away. That includes all kinds of trash, garbage, furniture, freezers/fridges, equipment and so on. Not only will they take it away but the stuff will be recycled. A new form of junk removal for a ‘green’ generation.


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