Taurus + Aries

Taurus, you are the second sign to Aries, which is a fire sign. This means trouble in the area of money and buying things. Aries has a fiery and spontaneous approach, often charging at life head-on.

You are steadier and more reserved, and prefer a slower pace, especially when it comes to money. Aries’ spontaneity with money is at first like fire to the ice of your conservative and security-conscious approach. You will need to persuade them to come to a compromise position if the relationship is to have a fighting chance.

Earth + Fire = Lava

Aries needs to feel in control, and it’s a good idea to let them think they are. Their impulsiveness often blinds them to anything more than one side of a situation. You are more likely to see all sides, and to come up with a practical solution (it may take you a little longer than most, though).


Being opinionated is the default mode of many Aries. Don’t get dragged into a battle of egos. Just smile and let them think they are right! Despite these differences, this combination could produce a very successful and secure relationship, because there are areas where you mesh together well.

Mars and Venus are both sexual planets: Mars rules the dominant male energy and Venus rules the feminine and sensual. The drive and passion of Aries, coupled with your sensual and nurturing essence, work well in the bedroom for both of you.

On an emotional level, you are possessive and dependent, and Aries is free and changeable. And Aries will take your loyalty and your nurturing for granted. However, Aries may ultimately be your best partner. If you can both compromise on lifestyle, there’s a good chance you could find happiness together.

You’ll do very well with Aries born between 31 March and 10 April, because Leo influences them. This affects your domestic satisfaction area, and promises a fine and lasting match.

These people also know how to lay on the charm, so it will be pretty hard for you to resist them. Those born between 21 March and 30 March may suffer financial losses. You could end up carrying them, and there’s nothing you hate more than someone who isn’t responsible with money. Get the credit checks happening before you lose your heart.

People born between 11 April and 19 April could be too unrestrained and ambitious for your taste. Their schemes, though far-reaching, don’t appeal to you because you are more frugal.


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