Value Forward Business Coaching


Not everyone is born ready to enter into the business world. Although experienced employees are the best route, they need to start somewhere. Value Forward Business Coaching is a business of it’s own that offers a variety of business consulting services. They have sales, marketing, strategy consulting as well as team training for VPs of sales, marketing and CEOs.Because of the range of available consulting through this business, a licensee has multiple entry ways into creating profit for themselves. Your clients will receive proven programs that have been shown to work for others, programs that can be worked through long distances by email, internet or phone as well as programs that can be custom designed for each individual company.

As a business they have quite a lot of offer their licensee’s, including:

  • Three and a half days of training that will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Detailed client tools.
  • Coaching support for all licensees.
  • The potential to bring in employees.
  • An annual conference for licensees.

These licenses are available for those in the US and Canada and takes a minimum investment of $14,995.


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