Cancer + Aries

When you first meet an Aries partner you’ll have an immediate connection at a heart level with them. You’ll also be very attracted to their fiery and confident manner — anything seems to be possible with them.

Conversely, Aries feels at peace when they are with you. This is an interesting blend of elements, and will be a positive combination. If you enter into a serious relationship with Aries, you’ll be forever having to keep up with them. You’ll have to shift into top gear and get used to the extremely fast pace of this fire sign.

Water + Fire = Steam

Both Aries and Cancer are cardinal, movable signs, indicating flexibility and movement, and plenty of variety in lifestyle. But you are far more retiring and domesticated than Aries. Aries’ scorching fire will overheat your cooler energies; Aries is more forceful than you, and has a talent for hasty decisions.


Now steam may be fine when it comes to matters of physical intimacy — that what’s you want, don’t you, Cancer? — but it also produces fog, or lack of clarity, on an emotional level. You need your home life to be not so demanding, and more stable.

Your friendly disposition is perfect for nurturing most Arians, but you’ll match better with some than others.

Though Cancer and Aries is not the ideal match in terms of elements, you have strong karmic connections with Arians born between 21 March and 30 March.

Those born between 31 March and 10 April are co-ruled by the Sun, your financial ruler. This is likely to be a financial association rather than a romantic one uunless you work on developing the emotional and sexual interaction between you. On the positive side, these Arians will shine brightly in the public eye and could achieve a lot in the world. Your status and financial security will be assured with them.

The group born between 11 April and 19 April are a challenge on most levels, even though Jupiter is considered a friendly planet and co-rules these Arians.

If you’re can give these Aries the freedom they need, this partnership can work. These Arians will at least take the time to make space for your domestic instincts.

However, this combination can affect your health adversely. You may feel obliged to serve them, and to work harder and harder to fulfil their needs. This could eventually wear you into the ground.

Also, this Aries group may be rather self-absorbed, and they can be footloose and fancy free as well. Getting them to commit could be a big ask. You want a settled lifestyle, and these Aries may be way off the mark for that.


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