Cancer + Cancer

You are both caring people, and express that through your attention to the needs of others. This recipe is perfect for family life, child-rearing and quieter domestic pursuits.

You are both very receptive, and always try to help alleviate the problems of those around you.

This can be a really good combination, because you will pick up each other’s moods and states of mind easily. Try not to fall too far into this though: you don’t want to become mirrors of each other’s weaknesses. And you don’t want to drown each other in sentimentality.

Water + Water = Deluge

The water signs sometimes express their empathy by getting involved in community and humanitarian work. If the two of you do this together, you will be formidable and successful. Having children together will give an even greater reason to succeed, and a great opportunity to give the love and care that is so much a part of your nature.

Your sexual relationship is founded on being caring, sensitive and demonstrative. You will both feel secure and loved; there is an innate resonance between you.

Both of you will enjoy spending time together at home — cooking, gardening, pottering around the house. Your strong intuitive abilities give you an immediate sense of what the other is thinking and feeling.


On the whole, this is quite a good match; it will be improved if one of you learns to control your emotional volatility.

You have very strong connections with Cancerians born between 14 July and 22 July. It’s almost as if you are destined to walk your life path with these people. The double rulership of the Moon may work against your basic compatibility, though. You could find yourself overreacting to what your partner says and forgetting what you have in common. If you marry, parenting will become an important part of your life together.

You are also drawn to Cancerians born between 22 June and 3 July, but your highly unstable emotional states can spin out of control in this combination.

Sex is an important component of this relationship, because of the powerful Scorpio co-rulership.

You will feel a deep, intense, mysterious, alluring sensual connection with these people. You may even be a little afraid to give yourself over to them — they have a tendency to dominate and control the relationship. This is nonetheless quite a good match.

You are also very attracted to Cancerians born between 4 July and 13 July — there is sexuality and love in this mix.


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