Cancer + Gemini

Being a Cancer, ruled by the Moon, you are sensitive and emotional. You feel rather than think.

Gemini is more intellectual and thoughtful, living in the head rather than the heart. This difference between you will have to be bridged if you are to build a deep and meaningful relationship.

Maybe it’s simply a matter of both of you accepting that the other is vastly different, and each of you handling the aspects of life suited to your personality. That way, the relationship stands a chance of lasting.

Water + Air = Rain

This difference was clear in the relationship between actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Nicole is an intellectual girl. Analysis would be her forte. Tom relates to people in a far more sensitive and emotional way.

Geminis find it difficult to get their emotions involved, even in love and sex.

You want to connect with Gemini’s heart, but this could be too hard — their brain dominates them in everything. From Gemini’s point of view, if you fail to connect with them intellectually, they will lose interest.


They have a hard time learning about non-verbal means of communicating. You may be the star sign that can teach them this new level of understanding. So while you are not a perfect match, you can learn much from each other.

You will appeal to Geminis who want to communicate their deepest feelings. If you can, stay away from the bedroom until you have a good social and cultural connection with them. If you use this connection as a foundation, rather than sex, you have a better chance of surviving deeper romantic involvement.

Tread warily in the money minefield with any Gemini you’re romantically linked to.

Be particularly careful in this area with Geminis born between 22 May and 1 June — your views on money will be poles apart. It may seem odd to talk about money, about your financial philosophy, with someone at the start of a relationship, but you both need to understand where the other stands. If you avoid the issue you could run into problems that will undermine your relationship.

Those born between 2 June and 12 June will be better suited as friends than lovers. This is because Venus strongly rules your friendship sector. You are likely to feel an immediate attraction to them — they radiate strength and sensuality.

Take care with Geminis born between 13 June and 21 June.

You are strongly attracted to these people sexually, but you need a strong emotional and material base to make this work long term. Gemini is, after all, a rather flighty star sign, and you need a security and stability.

The excitement a Gemini brings to your life is undeniable, but remember, no honeymoon lasts forever. Compromise is the key word if the two of you are going to make this combination work.


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