Cancer + Pisces

With Pisces you could slide down a slippery dip straight into complacency. At first they offer you so much in the way of emotional compatibility; you both instinctively understand each other.

You are both also caring and supportive. Often you’ll intuitively sense each other’s needs.

But both of you are flexible to the point of wobbly, and you change opinions and directions without much focus or reason. As a pair, you need some firm grounding if you are to produce anything other than a bag of sentimentality.

Water + Water = Deluge

You express your emotions in the domestic world. Pisces is different. Pisces is a spiritual and psychic water sign, full of universal love, which is a little too abstract for you to understand. There is a strong karmic link between you, though, as Pisces gets your spiritual and philosophical ideas going.


You will find that you can’t resist the karmic experiences that Pisces has to offer — you won’t miss those major life lessons with Pisces around. For Pisces, you are an opportunity to focus rather nebulous and abstract feelings — onto family, for instance.

Intimacy between you will border on the extraordinary. Both of you will understand each other’s sexual needs, and do all you can to satisfy them.

You’ll have close spiritual ties with Pisces born between 19 February and 28 February. You’ll need to be able to look beyond the more traditional views of humanity when you get involved with them, though. Unfortunately some of them will live in a world of their own, or some Utopia. Impractical, to say the least.

Fortunately, your sensitivity may be just the gravitational pull to bring them back down to earth to lead useful, productive lives. This combination may or may not work; it depends on your ability to lead them to a more practical perspective.

Your best match is with Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March.

Their sensitive empathy will draw you closer over time, and even at the start you will feel a kinship with each other. This is an excellent love combination. These people have the strong influence of the Moon, which is your own planetary ruler. You see each other’s needs and can fulfil them far better than most other star signs.

Sexual power and attraction are at their peak with those born between 11 March and 20 March. The power of Scorpio is the dominant theme of this group of Pisces. You may pull back at first from their intensity and their demands, but you’ll soon be at their mercy. Later you’ll smile and thank your lucky stars that you had a chance to be hypnotised by these sensual and charismatic Pisceans.


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