Cancer + Virgo

This is a rich and fertile combination of two feminine zodiac signs, ruled by the Moon and Mercury respectively. Cancer and Virgo in combination produce great results on all levels of experience.

Your sensitive ruler, the Moon, and the intellectually brilliant Mercury of Virgo combine in the most wonderful play of heavenly forces.

Expect great friendship and understanding from this recipe, but remember, Virgo will sometimes have trouble understanding your mood swings. Virgo will say, ‘Think things through and don’t be so emotional about it’, and you’ll reply, ‘But can’t you feel what I’m feeling?’


You are at opposite ends of the spectrum: you, Cancer, are emotional, and Virgo is intellectual. Cancer is a friendly sign of Virgo, so Virgo will, over time, learn to be more responsive, to be more like you. Likewise, you can become more reasonable, more like Virgo, as the bond between you strengthens.

The one area you must learn to handle is Virgo’s tendency to criticise and judge.

You tend to be too vulnerable for their ruthless and incessant demand for perfection. This will also affect your most private area, sexuality. Virgo demands a performance that is not in keeping with your slower and more receptive nature.

Water + Earth = Mud

You have some difficulties communicating with Virgos born between 24 August and 2 September. Although Mercury has a strong influence on them, they are not chatterboxes. You have to dig a little deeper and persist in your search for the deeper side of their nature. But once you crack open this hard nut, you’ll be well rewarded, with a wellspring of response and loving banter.

Marriage prospects are particularly strong if you choose a Virgo born between 3 September and 12 September.

The two of you can develop very strong bonds, emotionally and sexually, when you get to know them. Be patient: they often don’t open up quickly. If you don’t hang in there, you’ll miss the more loving qualities on offer. If you do, you’ll be treated to affection, from someone who wants to give you security and creature comforts.

You’ll be a good friend to most Virgos, but in particular those born between 13 September and 22 September. Get ready for some high-class social action if you get involved with one of these Virgos. They’ll bring a smile to your face, and their general knowledge will keep you interested and entertained.


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