Gemini + Aquarius

The karmic links between star signs of the same element are strong, and usually bring fulfilment on many levels.

This often plays out at important times in your life: you could meet an Aquarian when you least expect it, or in unusual circumstances. When you do meet, you’ll both know that there is some significance to the connection.

The Aquarian is a rebel at heart … often without any particular cause. They know this and it doesn’t particularly concern them. They are a rule unto themselves. This freedom-loving attitude turns you on. It reminds you of what you seek in life — variety, excitement and intellectual expansion.

Air + Air = Wind

The planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, brings a lot of energy to the partnership, and this stimulates you. You respect Aquarius, and they can inspire you in many ways — not just romantically. They trigger the more refined and humanitarian side of your personality.


The strength of your connection in the intimacy area will rest on your rapport as communicators. And great communicators you are! You will spend hours happily sharing your deepest thoughts, ideas and imaginings.

But there’s quite a difference between the intellectual approaches of the two of you. You are happy to flit like a butterfly from one topic to another.

This lack of depth can bug Aquarius. They prefer to look more deeply into things. It’s not that you can’t keep up with this — it’s just that Aquarius demands more focus from you, Gemini. You can learn a lot from each other.

You have a good chance at an exciting relationship with Aquarians born between 21 January and 30 January. This is an electric, passionate connection — almost wild. These Aquarians will want you to explore new frontiers sexually. However, they are rather free with their love, and not into commitment.

You feel a special kinship with Aquarians born between 31 January and 8 February. This is because you’re both connected to Mercury. You’ll see a lot of yourself in these Aquarians. They are the less wilful, and enjoy a good laugh and an easygoing lifestyle.

You will also be attracted to those born between 9 February and 18 February. Venus, the goddess of love, blesses them with sensitivity, imagination and artistic talent. They are very romantic, and will want to woo you with fragrant candles, soft lights and new age music. If that’s your cup of tea, go for it!


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