Gemini + Aries

Gemini, you will definitely stimulate Aries. You interact quite explosively, with your Gemini element of air fanning the flames of the Aries fire. This combination of elements usually indicates an exciting relationship.

On an intellectual and physical level, you and Aries enjoy first-rate friendship, conversation and inspiring times together. Aries will find your quick wit and fast lifestyle a good fit with their impatience and liveliness. Aries can’t handle waiting for anything, so you’ll both be zipping around at warp speed.

Air + Fire = Hot Air

Aries could blow your mind, though, because you live on your nerves, and you may not have the stamina and follow-through of Aries. They may even take pleasure in testing your limits — they like to see where a person’s breaking point or pain threshold is. If you can keep up they’ll respect you more. Be prepared for some late nights and wild times along the way!


You will have a great romantic and sexual connection. You’ll both have a ball exploring the playful, childlike energy you share. You’ll want to give Aries experiences they haven’t had before, and you’ll keep coming up with new ways to turn them on. They will be amazed at how original you can be when it comes to the bedroom arts!

You will sometimes feel that a river of ideas is flowing through you to Aries. This is their stimulating fire element doing its thing to you, warming your creative self.

But Aries goes headlong into everything, including lovemaking! While you’ll enjoy their brash raw heat, you’ll also want some playful chit-chat. You may need to spend time talking the hot-blooded Aries down a notch or two before consummating that raw, primal instinct between you.

And while there’s plenty of heat between the sheets, you may not be destined for long term or marital ties.

Those born between 12 March and 30 March will become good friends with you. You will easily open up to them, as they will to you. This combination will thrive only if it is surrounded by friends and social alliances. Mind you, this dynamic duo will inspire the friends you share.

Aries born between 31 March and 10 April will become good associates because you have great rapport with them.

In business or commercial enterprises you make a great team. You seem to have an innate understanding of each other’s needs and will support each other, even during tough times.

The best Aries for you are those born between 11 April and 19 April — their co-ruler, Jupiter, has power over your marital and long-term affairs sector. This is likely to be the best match for marriage and deep romantic ties between you and an Aries.


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