Gemini + Capricorn

Capricorn will seem to drag your light and airy energy earthwards immediately. This may not sit well with you.

The combination will work well on a business or professional level, but it doesn’t offer you much in the way of common interests or similar personality traits. The elements of air and earth are quite different — the combination produces dust.

Air + Earth = Dust

Capricorn is in a difficult zodiac area for Gemini, and reflects a strong karmic connection associated with money issues. The two of you would need to do a lot of talking about values. What is it you both want out of a relationship and how will you manage your finances? These will become key issues if they are not sorted out at the start.


You may not give a toss about financial security, and sometimes you spend freely and generously. Capricorn is likely to count the pennies and be more frugal. In a committed relationship this could mean a fight for control over the way money and resources are managed.

Though the 8th sector points to financial concerns, it is also a sexual sector — Gemini may stimulate Capricorn’s conservatism between the sheets.

Capricorn will be entertained and relaxed by your playfulness, and if they can open up to you sexually, this side of your relationship could be the one that permits a long-term affair.

Capricorn is ruled by the slow and steady Saturn, and can give you a deeper understanding, and clarity of direction, if you let them into your ‘mind space’. This is possible even if you both choose not to make this friendship a romantic one. You’ll be surprised by the depth of Capricorn’s thought processes — they’re quite different from yours.

The most difficult group of Capricorns will be those born between 22 December and 1 January. Saturn’s influence means they are too tight-fisted and solemn for you. They clash with your free and easy nature.

The Venus co-ruled Capricorns of 2 January to 10 January will also resonate with you, especially culturally and creatively. If you spend time together in cultural pursuits you will build a good foundation.

Capricorns born between 11 January and 20 January are a possibility for you — they are similar to you in character.


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