Gemini + Sagittarius

This combination of planetary energies is intriguing. Sagittarius is the opposite zodiac sign to you, and usually opposites are considered a great match. In your case this is both true and not true, depending on which perspective you take.

Both of you have fluctuation as part of your nature. This means that you can both expect considerable change and variety in your life. You are destined for that. This continual movement is vital to your mental and emotional health.


Gemini, you love the intellectual side of social life. Sagittarius prefers a philosophical and idealistic view of life and the world in general. One thing that you both love, though, is travel.

Air + Fire = Hot Air

Travelling together would provide a perfect meeting point for Sagittarius’s cultural and philosophical interests and your love of social interaction — in other situations, these can seem diametrically opposed.

The opposite star sign relates to marriage and romantic commitments. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that when you two cross each other’s paths you both experience a magical interplay of planetary energies.

Yet, because you are both changeable star signs, you may find it hard to make firm decisions about a future together. There could be delays and other unusual obstacles.

This mix of differences and similarities in your personalities means you need to put in some effort if you are to make a relationship work. Mostly, you both need to be free to explore your own life while still being in a relationship. If you do that, you have a good chance.

Sexually there is good energy between you, with the warm Sagittarius stimulating your communicative style. This can be a great combination. There is a lively interplay of verbal, sensual and emotional energy between you. You will excite each other.

There is a fine mix of energies between you and Sagittarians born between 23 November and 1 December.

The reason for this is Jupiter’s co-rulership, which influences your marital affairs. These Sagittarians are generous to a fault. At times they are wasteful with their resources, which could bother you.

You won’t get on so well with Sagittarians born between 2 December and 11 December, probably due to the Mars–Aries influence. These are the type you will naturally gravitate to in conversation, only to find that their opinionated stance irritates the socks off you. You will have to take a back seat in conversation with them, and that doesn’t bode well, does it?

Those born between 12 December and 21 December will make good friends: they offer you mental stimulation, support and good times. You’ll enjoy the way they make you feel, and they will feel the same.


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