Gemini + Scorpio

Gemini, prepare yourself for the intensity of Scorpio on every level of your being! You are intellectual, but in a lighthearted, frivolous way, but Scorpio is into depth and radical transformation.

Scorpio is not going to be happy with idle discussion, with just skimming the surface of a multitude of topics, which is what you like to do. Scorpio will search out the deeper significance of everything, and pretty soon this could all seem too deep and dark for you, Gemini.

Air + Water = Rain

The planets ruling Gemini and Scorpio are Mercury and Pluto; Mars controls the intensity of Scorpio. These planets are not easily reconciled. This means that Scorpio may want to grill you. This could make you uneasy, but if you’re prepared to allow some probing from relentless Scorpio, you’ll discover things about yourself that you didn’t know.


You could try to coax Scorpio out of their tough, inflexible approach and into a brighter, more easygoing attitude to particular situations — possibly even to life itself. But your upbeatness may start to exasperate Scorpio.

So when you get down to the nitty-gritty, this combination is usually not strong enough to keep a romantic relationship going. The interesting thing, though, is that despite the difficulties it faces in the emotional department, it can be a good combination for business and financial success.

Sexually, Scorpio will surprise you — and attract you — but you will feel they are trying to dominate you and control your emotions. Basically, Scorpio wants a deeper relationship than you can give them. This doesn’t mean that you are shallow — you are just less intense than Scorpio.

Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy aren’t a good match with your cheerful and adaptable approach. Finding a happy balance would mean a lot of adjustments on both sides.

You’ll find it extremely difficult to see eye to eye with Scorpios born between 24 October and 2 November. There may be mutual respect, but your opinions will differ vastly. You’ll try to keep things light and breezy but Scorpio will pull you down towards hot and heavy.

Scorpios born between 13 November and 22 November are far too intense and emotional for you, and will confuse you. You’ll find it really hard to sustain this level of seriousness.

Those born between 3 November and 12 November are well suited for a lasting relationship or professional association. In fact it could be through a work function or a co-worker that you first come into contact with these Scorpios. This is a good combination for getting things done — a fine blend of Gemini finesse and Scorpio determination.


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