Gemini + Taurus

Taurus is into digging down to the bottom of things, deeply and methodically. The solve problems step by step and follow ideas the same way.

You, on the other hand, leap like a leprechaun from one thought to another with a truckload of curiosity and naiveté. This doesn’t mean Taurus isn’t infatuated by your wit and humour — it’s just that they need a slower and steadier pace.

Despite the fact that on some levels this combination is not bad, your restlessness may be too much for Taurus on a long-term basis.

Air + Earth = Dust

The two of you will have lots to talk about and are happy spending hour after hour in each other’s company as long as you’re in a stimulating environment. You’re both pleasure-seekers and like to satisfy your intellectual and physical appetites. You’re both interested in cultural things as well.


On an intimate level, you may be too fast-moving for the plodding Taurus. They need lots of touch and sensual stimulation. Taurus may not respond as vivaciously as you’d like, either. You need to talk more; Taurus needs to touch more.

If Taurus is an evolved type, they may put their mental abilities into higher gear and arouse you in verbal ways. And you need to try not to be so impatient that you overlook some of the finer details of courtship. If you do, you may leave Taurus high and dry in the bedroom.

If you are a responsive Gemini, you will take up the challenge and work at a long-term relationship rather than a quick fix.

So in some ways this combination is not bad, but your Mercurial character could be a little too much for Taurus to handle. Those born between 20 April and 29 April make a moderately good combo with you, but they may feel you are a little condescending, intellectually. They are just as smart as you are, so don’t try to outshine them too often.

By far the best combination for you is with Taureans born between 30 April and 10 May. Their birthdays are strongly affected by Mercury, your own ruler. This means you’ll feel that the two of you have a lot of similar qualities, including playfulness.

Those born between 11 May and 21 May will be a steadying influence on you. In short bursts you’ll enjoy this equanimity, but you may soon start to feel a little smothered or weighed down by it.


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