Libra + Cancer

Air + Water = Rain

The signs of Libra and Cancer form a right angle in the heavens: this can be one of the most challenging combinations of the zodiac, and will cause you great uneasiness at times. The differences are not always apparent straight away, though. Both of you desire peace and harmony, but significant issues will arise over time. Cancer’s need for a quite private life will start to squash your social, playful and variety-seeking style. You’ll probably see them as a bit of a stick in the mud with some outdated personal attitudes.


You need a far wider group of people than Cancer to share your social and intellectual life with. Cancer has a chance to bridge these underlying differences if the two of you can get together on work projects. They have great skill in nurturing the seed of an idea until it blossoms and bears fruit — and you’ll do extremely well at selling those ideas. This could be a positive two-way arrangement for you if you choose. But work is one thing; love is another!

The intimacy quotient between Libra and Cancer is quite high because of the sympathy between the feminine planets that rule you: the Moon and Venus. At heart you both want to be loved and to show your love, so you will both feel that you’re being nurtured and appreciated in your relationship.

This partnership has some very positive things going for it, but you would need to work through the other challenges that have been discussed.

Cancerians born between 22 June and 3 July are very sensitive. They will give you love and emotional support, but their intense mood swings added to your own shifting emotions could make this an unpredictable combination. They are fine companions, though, and will always give you dazzling gems of advice just when you need them.

One of your best bets would be Cancerians born between 4 July and 13 July. This is because they are ruled by Scorpio, which brings intense passion. They also share many of your interests, and they’re willing to set aside time to do these activities with you, which will make you happy.

You will have strong emotional and karmic bonds with Cancerians born between 14 July and 22 July. Your meetings with these people will be fortunate, and will bring you many lessons in life. Although you will not initially accept it, these people do have something deep and far-reaching to teach you about yourself. The only variable here is how open you are to these lessons and how quickly you decide to develop a relationship with them.


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