Virgo + Aries

Earth + Fire = Lava

You are cool, Virgo, and this means you could be at odds with Aries, at least at first. Your critical eye will be sizing up the hot and fiery Aries, and their impetuousness is likely to overheat your earthy and practical character.

Aries is fast, furious and impulsive. This is all quite physical. You’re just as quick and dynamic, but on an intellectual level. So between you, you have a lot of energy, but you direct it in different ways. Some might say that this is not a combination for the faint-hearted.


Your star sign is of the element of earth, so you have your feet on the ground, and you value material and professional security. You don’t like to leave much to chance; you’d rather have a plan than just run headlong into the future. Aries, on the other hand, loves excitement and the unknown, which is why they’re trailblazers.

There’s quite a difference in style between you, but you have things to offer each other if you’re open enough and keen enough to break down the barriers. Aries can learn a lot about the value of order and meticulousness, for instance. By the same token, Aries can teach you a thing or two — they are great motivators.

Aries is straightforward and simple. You are more complex and difficult to understand.

You overcomplicate things, and Aries’ simplicity might annoy you. Aries will look at you and say, ‘Why do you have to make things so hard?’ And you’ll say, ‘Why are you so superficial?’ Different viewpoints and different life principles.

Both of you are industrious when it comes to work, but your methods are poles apart. Aries loves to get things done — quickly and impulsively, and without too much care. You can’t do that. You have to look at every detail of a job, then plan your approach and execute it precisely. If you get involved with an Aries, it’s probably a good idea to not work with each other.

There are the same sorts of differences in your approach to sex and intimacy. The raw and primitive energy of Aries is too much for your neat and careful character. Aries must understand that raw passion is not the primary motivation for you. You need a great mind as well.

If you meet an Aries born between 21 March and 30 March you’ll be totally swept away by their sheer physical power and vitality.

You might find it tough to keep up with them; your energies aren’t very compatible. Think hard about what you really want with them. It could be something business related, or friendship, not a long-term romantic commitment.

If you come together with an Aries born between 31 March and 10 April you’ll soon realise that they have a very strong ego, and cannot handle your criticisms, no matter how harmless or constructive you feel they are. You’ll be treading on eggshells with this lot.

You’re most suited to those born between 11 April and 19 April: Jupiter has a connection with them and this relates to your marriage and long-term partnerships. As well as having a strong physical attraction to them, you can explore and expand your minds together. They do have something between their ears.


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