Virgo + Capricorn

Earth + Earth = Solid Ground

Here we see another earth sign partnership — another no-brainer. A combination of similar elements is always a great foundation for a relationship. You will have an immediate rapport with Capricorn. For some reason, they seem less serious to you than they might to other star signs. Both these signs are down to earth, straight shooters, but there are some differences between you. You are probably far more interested in providing clear and practical service than a Capricorn.


They are more interested in success, which is their key word. Although you are basically both economical, you are far more upbeat. Capricorn is ruled by sullen Saturn, but you know how to give them a lift — with you, they feel refreshed and youthful. And they will be more responsive to you than other star signs.

You manage to bring out the mischievous and fun-seeking side of Capricorn, who is usually serious and ambitious. This is not to say that you won’t both work hard to reach your material goals, but in your company Capricorn can ‘hang loose’ and knock down their self-protective walls a bit.

On the surface this seems more likely to be a business-oriented relationship, but if you delve more deeply you’ll see that Capricorn does have a strong influence on your romantic life. They draw out your amorous side — you will feel your heart miss a beat or two from time to time.

You also don’t get into being critical and imposing your views on them so much. Somehow, you trust them. This in itself will bring out the more sensitive and loving side of your Capricorn partner. Never forget, though, that behind this is a great need for security and long-term comfort.

Those born between 22 December and 1 January are very well matched to you, especially in financial and material needs. You can work with these Capricorns and make oodles of money, but you can also develop a friendship. You’ll need to move slowly with them until there is emotional trust between you.

Your sensuality is triggered by Capricorns born between 2 January and 10 January — Venus, the planet of love, is sparking their emotions. There’s a good chance of a fine love affair with these individuals, and possibly even a more long-term and committed relationship.

If you find a Capricorn born between 11 January and 20 January, hang onto them. They are ideally suited to you — Mercury co-rules them, and is your ruling planet, which is a recipe for a perfect romantic match.


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