Virgo + Leo

Earth + Fire = Lava

The power of the mind plus the ego is how you can best sum up a Virgo and Leo combination. It’s a formidable combination, and you’ll recognise that straight away. But both sides will have to adjust. Virgo, you will have to learn to cope with the bold showmanship of Leo; and Leo will have to learn not to go beyond what’s fair in terms of power. As your elements suggest, this combination is extremely hot — that’s a definite plus in a romantic alliance between these two star signs.


Your power is less in your face than Leo’s. You like to work behind the scenes, and to be very exact. You are into the microscopic details, and your focus is on service and excellence in your professional and day-to-day duties.

Leo is more concerned with being first, and wielding power or winning approval.

They have a taste for domination, and will always prefer to stand out than be invisible. But then they are the rulers of the jungle, the lion-hearted, aren’t they?

Virgo, if you throw any sort of criticism at Leo, it will set sparks flying. Leos believe they are rarely wrong — this means you’ll have to be very careful how you point out their faults, because even constructive criticism won’t go down well.

The financial area is a strong one for both your star signs: Virgo happens to be the financial zone for Leo. Unfortunately, Leo indicates financial losses to you. If you give Leo too much in the way of material assistance or emotional energy, you could start to feel you’re being taken advantage of.

You’ll love the warm radiations of Leo in the bedroom, but Leo won’t feel the same about you.

You’ll be too prim and proper for dramatic Leo, who likes a roaring good time, not your more modest display of love and affection. Your compatibility with Leos born between 23 July and 4 August is strong. They will shine a light on your otherwise shy personality. You feel a warm friendship with these people immediately, and your relationship will grow. They can calm you when you get overstressed.

You’ll have a strong and enduring relationship if you team up with a Leo born between 5 August and 14 August. The planet Jupiter will bring you luck and make you feel that this match was made in heaven. Leo will feel the same about you.

It’s probably best to avoid Leos born between 15 August and 23 August. Mars has a strong influence on them, which means there will be endless problems, disputes and differences of opinion in many areas.


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