Virgo + Libra

Earth + Air = Dust

Not all astrologers think that the combination of Virgo and Libra is a good one. From time to time, however, we can break with tradition. There is something unique and wonderful about your blend of energies — in fact, Libra will complement you perfectly in many areas of your life. First, social and outgoing Libra can balance your quiet temperament (if you are one of the more withdrawn Virgos). Their love of friendship and open communication can be a good thing, because it will bring you out of your shell.


The other thing about Libra is they are quite capable of handling the criticisms you dish out without throwing a tantrum. Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice, so they can always see at least two sides of a situation. The Libra ego is unusual: they will listen to you and honestly try out any suggestions you feel might help them improve as people.

They are also interested in improving your relationship, so you can openly express yourself about that too.

There is one difficulty with Libra, though: their free and easy nature. They love spontaneous action, and your preset timetable won’t deal with this easily. You’ll need to ask your Libran friend to adjust to your needs. This may not sit too well with them — they like a free rein when it comes to satisfying their social appetite.

Librans born between 23 September and 3 October will make you feel loved and honoured — Venus is a strong ruler in their lives. This will calm your extremely critical side. They will make you feel very free to express your feelings, and communication will flow easily between you. This combo is essentially quite a good one.

You can take that up a notch with those born between 4 October and 13 October.

They have the added influence of Aquarius, which makes them more progressive sexually — their approach is avant garde, almost new age, or hippie. If that’s not your cup of tea, it’s probably better to leave this one as a friendship.

Libra has an ongoing interest in exploring the sexual and emotional side of life, whereas you prefer a more structured relationship. You need to talk about this before you get too involved.

This point of difference will be most pronounced if you hook up with a Libran born between 14 October and 23 October. They are less traditional in their attitudes — this could require a lot of compromise from both of you.


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