Virgo + Sagittarius

Earth + Fire = Lava

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is very much concerned with detail. Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is more interested in the bigger picture of life and love. Sagittarius is concerned with the forest, Virgo is more interested in the trees, perhaps even each and every leaf on every tree. But both of you are called mutable signs; this indicates adaptability. In this sense you are similar, which means you can make a success of a relationship together. Especially if you learn to accept each other’s views and not be too precious about your own opinions.


You need to learn to let go of the process and look at the outcome instead. And Sagittarius could give a little more thought to the process and let go the outcome. The fact of the matter is that this combination of star signs promises both of you plenty of intellectual stimulation.

Virgo improves the work opportunities and abilities of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius can work a little more on staying grounded and developing an interest in all things domestic.

Where sex is concerned, you have a huge difference in style. You are reserved, and don’t usually let loose with your deeper passions. Sagittarius likes to play, to experiment. If you are going to enjoy the intimate side of this relationship you need to put aside your mental gymnastics and just enjoy the moment. Sagittarius will thank you for this.

Sagittarians born between 23 November and 1 December are probably the best fit for you. You’ll be attracted to their bold and adventurous spirit. Get ready for plenty of travel and interesting experiences if you choose a life with them.

Sagittarians born between 2 December and 11 December are antagonistic to you.

This could even be a dangerous combination; approach it with caution. The fiery nature of these Sagittarians could burn out your delicate Virgo system.

The Sun and Leo co-rule Sagittarians born between 12 December and 21 December. These people may not be what you want in a partner, but don’t judge this book by its cover. They do have something special to offer you — cultural insight. Travelling with them will be great.


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