Virgo + Taurus

Earth + Earth = Solid Ground

Both Virgo and Taurus are practical, earthy signs — it’s a great start to have compatibility between your elements. When you combine earth with earth you get a solid grounding for a relationship. You will complement each other on many levels – physically, emotionally and mentally. For a start, you’re fully aware of the financial, practical and security needs of Taurus; they are much like your own.


A need for material security is something you have in common. You will both feel comfortable knowing that your heads are in the same place where money matters are concerned. Your financial prospects together are good.

Taurus might be a little shocked by your fastidious approach — they are diligent too, but they rank second to you in the perfectionism stakes.

Also, your highly strung nature will tire them out, even though you probably agree on most things. You have to understand that Taurus is black and white, where you are into shades of grey.

You will love to talk endlessly with Taurus, but they will quietly and assertively let you know that they need time out sometimes. This could frustrate you, because you don’t tire easily, and you like to keep your brain going constantly. You could also feel insulted if Taurus isn’t motivated enough to hang in there with you in discussions of complicated topics.

However, you may find common interests in areas such as art, fashion, music and perhaps even cooking; these might counter your intellectual differences. Also, Taurus is one of the few star signs that can relax you.

Virgo has a strong link with romantic affairs for Taurus, so there’s definitely a good physical connection between you. This is a combination you should consider, because there’s every chance that it will be successful, despite minor differences.

You can expect exciting times and amorous adventures with Taureans born between 20 April and 29 April.

The planet Venus, the love goddess, will offer you loads of love and affection. The two of you can develop a mature and rewarding partnership over time.

You might also enjoy spending time with Taureans born between 30 April and 10 May. Mercury is a common thread between you, and brings out the best qualities of both of you. You have a sense of warmth and closeness with them.

Your relationships with Taureans whose birthdays fall between 11 May and 21 May may lack something. They are born with the influence of Saturn, and because of that, a relationship with them may ultimately not fulfil you. Things could get a little too heavy between you.

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