Aquarius + Aquarius

Air + Air = Wind

Aquarius is the sign seen as ruling the New Age. Anything modern, electrical or technological is associated with it. You pride yourself on the fact that you’re always in touch with whatever is modern. Two Aquarians coming together will redefine what ‘relationship’ means. Aquarius plus Aquarius gives a double air element, which means a lot of turbulence–gale force winds! When you come together, you don’t create a revolutionary uprising in the usual sense. But you can be sure that your energies will produce something unique; when you walk into a room, people will feel that energy and sense your difference. You’ll set yourselves apart from your peer group.


You both crave excitement, change, the unusual, even the bizarre. In extreme cases your relationship will produce such wacky behaviour that others won’t know quite what to make of you. But your behaviour is only for shock value. You’ll play this up, dramatising the relationship for the sake of making a huge impression on the world around you.

This may be fun, but you will need to settle down and sort out what motivates you as a couple.

Try not to let your relationship become too self-centred; after all, you do both have a compassionate side. You could find yourselves very busy sorting out the world and satisfying your own individual desires, so make sure you put enough time into fulfilling each other’s needs. This is essential if you want a permanent committed relationship.

Once you address this issue you can move forward as a couple. You will get lots of love and support from each other in your individual endeavours as well. The bedroom is a great place for your exciting antics, unique ideas and emotional colours. This combination will offer you many exceptional experiences. Expect loads of fun and lots of way-beyond-the-ordinary activities.

If you’re looking for equilibrium and permanence, try to team up with Aquarians born between 21 January and 30 January. These are your best match: they are the strongest Aquarians.

Aquarians born between 31 January and 8 February should avoid getting together with each other. The co-rulership of Virgo will produce a flighty, unstable combination which could frazzle your nerves. It doesn’t produce great long-term benefits for either of you.

Aquarians born between 9 February and 18 February have the touch of Venus at birth. Love is their second name, and they can bring you great happiness romantically. This combination will not only fulfil you; it will also give you the excitement you’re always looking for.


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