Aquarius + Pisces

Air + Water = Rain

Aquarius falls in the 12th zone to Pisces. This region is mysterious, hard to understand. It is a zone of secrets, and one that can mean defeat or loss, especially to Pisces: this combination might make Pisces feel undermined if you’re not prepared to adapt to their unique kind of idealism. You’re dealing with an old soul when you’re with a Pisces. Be prepared for an unusual connection.


Aquarius could be one of the signs most likely to teach Pisces their greatest lessons in the way of self-sacrifice. With you, they’ll have to go all out to satisfy your needs, and they too will have to change in many new ways if they want to keep up with you.

This combination also hints at many hidden secrets that will eventually be shared between you. You will both feel as if you have to reveal aspects of your past in order to help the other grow. You usually find it hard to share these things, but with Pisces, it will flow very easily.

You may not trust each other at first; this will have more to do with their attitude towards you than with yours to them.

Far from Pisces causing you any loss, they could eventually prove to be financially quite beneficial to you. Your free and easy manner might work against their own financial interests though, because they’ll keep wanting to please you—at their own expense. Make sure you don’t take advantage of what Pisces brings to the table: all relationships need to be mutually supportive.

The karmic influences between you also relate strongly to the sexual side of your life together. Both of you will know this as soon as you meet. Sometimes when an Aquarian and Piscean get together, there’s a social or cultural reason for not making the relationship public and sharing it with friends or family. Sometimes the religious or cultural viewpoints of each person’s peer group are opposed to the relationship. For whatever reason, there’s a hint of the clandestine about your relationship.

Pisceans born anywhere between 19 February and 28/29 February tend to have a secretive nature, and you may not be able to resolve things with them openly.

These relationships could teach you some important lessons: there are serious issues that need to be worked out. Pisceans born between 1 March and 10 March will bring some much-needed emotional sensitivity to this relationship. They can open your heart and soften your nature considerably. Pisces born between 11 March and 20 March have strong links with your professional life. You could work together; you would do very well as a unit.


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