Capricorn + Aquarius

Earth + Air = Dust

Capricorn and Aquarius create a mysterious combination of energies. Both of you are ruled by the planet Saturn, which means you have certain qualities in common, such as stability and predictability. But Aquarius also has the influence of Uranus, which leads to unpredictability. You’re thoroughly traditional, and love to stick to the tried and tested, whereas Aquarius believes that existing structures must be broken down. They’re not content with things as they are, and are constantly pushing situations to the limit.


They also believe life should be explored and new ideas should be tested out; this is the way, they say, to get the most out of life. This approach can present immense hurdles for both of you.

On the other hand, maybe these opposite natures are just what you both need. Perhaps you and Aquarius are two sides of the same coin. You need a bit of a push to move you out of your comfort zone and Aquarius needs your steady hand to keep them anchored in the here and now.

Your tastes in other areas of life also differ. You like antiques, and traditional art, where Aquarius likes more modern furnishings and abstract art. There could be the same sorts of differences in your musical tastes.

There are also some doubts in the area of intimacy. The explorer in Aquarius will make you feel a little staid and boring. If you take up some of the exciting sexual opportunities on offer it could bring you together far more quickly.

You’ll be enlightened by your excursions into new territory, and Aquarius might learn that a bit of old-fashioned lovemaking is just as pleasurable as anything else. Both of you should exercise a little open-mindedness in these matters, focus on your similarities rather than your differences, and give the other person’s style a go.

Aquarians born between 21 January and 30 January are the revolutionaries of life.

They will make you feel very uneasy, especially if they push their agenda too hard and fast. You will only be able to take measured doses of these people. Take it slow and easy with them. Aquarians born between 31 January and 8 February will bring you joy and humour, but are not necessarily fated for a long-term relationship with you. This combination could go either way.

You’ll feel comfortable, intellectually and physically, with Aquarians born between 9 February and 18 February. The influence of Venus means they’re very much into all things beautiful. They also tend to be a little excessive by nature, and love lots of affection and attention. If you can to give them that, this could be a good match.

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