Capricorn + Aries

Earth + Fire = Lava

As you already know, you’re sober, practical, realistic, slow and steady in your approach to life. Your love life is the same. You are very conservative when it comes to getting involved with someone. You could therefore seem a little too conservative for Aries’ liking. You need to have a carefully mapped out life plan before you feel comfortable. This is a basic requirement for your inner security. Aries prefers the thrill of the moment. They like to take a gamble on life and tempt fate; they like not knowing where life is going to take them.


They are spontaneous, and (to your mind) a little reckless. These are two very different attitudes, clearly. If you find yourself attracted to an Aries, don’t expect them to slow down and give up their spur of the moment impulses. It just won’t happen.

This really is a pretty difficult romantic combination, according to most astrologers. Most of them predict that your relationship with Aries will be quite a struggle. Some even call this one of the most unpleasant matches in the zodiac. The two ruling planets involved—Saturn (you) and Mars (them)—are diametrically opposed. You’re introverted, shy, possibly even sullen at times, and Aries is extroverted. Opposites, really.

Aries will feel boxed in by your controlling attitude; they also need to rule the roost.

They’ll feel that you’re clipping their wings, making them unable to express their freedom-loving side. Their lively and exuberant energy needs some sky to fly in. If you stop trying to control them, even though you need a slower and more deliberate pace, the relationship will improve.

And in truth, you secretly wish you could experience life in the same effervescent way as Aries. But if you’re not careful, your stern attitude could put out the passionate fires of Aries. This combination may work rather better in the work area than in the love area. There could be opportunities professionally, even if the romance runs out of inspiration. You can make money together.

Aries born between 21 March and 30 March are fiery, rash and impulsive individuals.

They are not compatible with you in virtually any area of life. Those born between 31 March and 10 April could cause you quite a bit of frustration. They have a big ego, and even when they know your advice is rock solid, they won’t take it. In fact they’ll oppose you just for the sake of a good argument. This could drive you crazy!

Aries born between 11 April and 19 April are ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter. They’re dominant types, and their plans are as big and bold as yours, but their style is very different. Although they’re industrious, they need to see results far more quickly than you do.

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