Capricorn + Pisces

Earth + Water = Mud

Although Capricorn and Pisces are both feminine and receptive signs, there are quite a few differences between you. The feminine is considered intuitive, in tune with emotions, and while this may be true at a deeper level, Capricorn is more drawn to the concrete and practical.Pisces, on the other hand, is obviously idealistic. They are into self-sacrifice and philosophical concepts, not material self-interest. This could be hard for you to understand, being as goal-oriented as you are, and it could make you feel poles apart. kaj280310.jpg

You like things that can be proved, and don’t have much time for concepts that are beyond the senses. Pisces tend to feel life with their hearts rather than their minds, and are constantly daydreaming. This will frustrate you if you feel Pisces is not doing anything practical.

Nevertheless, Capricorn and Pisces can usually build a good friendship. They say that opposites attract; here’s your chance to test that theory. Don’t completely discount a Capricorn/Pisces love affair.

You are very capable of sustained work and self-sacrifice towards material goals.

Pisces is a wonderful and selfless worker as well, but tends to do so for the benefit of others. So this can in fact be an extremely good combination if you both understand a little of each other’s motivations.

You’ll become less self-centred and driven by work if you get involved with Pisces. And Pisces will become more practical and will start to save money. Even though you’re not completely compatible, working together to build your relationship and your lives into something solid and enduring will eventually give you both a great deal of satisfaction.

The most idealistic Pisces are those born between 19 February and 28/29 February. You could have a tough time with them, and eventually feel they are off with the fairies. There doesn’t seem to be a great initial connection; you might have to try hard with them to get to a deeper love.

Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March have a strong lunar influence that colours their moods. You’ll feel comfortable with them. You’re quite likely to become strongly connected to them and look forward to a long-term partnership.

With Pisceans born between 11 March and 20 March, friendship is a better bet than an intimate relationship. These people are quite intense, and they can look a lot softer and more fragile than they really are. You might think you have the upper hand with them, only to find that you’re very much mistaken.


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