Libra + Capricorn

Air + Earth = Dust

On the face of it, this combination may not seem to be the best of unions. But on closer scrutiny, both of you will bring value to the relationship, and you can both satisfy each other in a continuing and secure partnership — even, possibly, marriage. First and foremost, your ruling planets — Venus for you and Saturn for Capricorn — are friendly, astrologically speaking. But Capricorn must give up the idea of controlling you. This is one of the driving forces in Capricorn’s personality. They have an obsessive desire to gain material and professional security because of their underlying ambition.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t sit too well with you. You believe power should be shared fairly among all parties concerned. Not so, says Capricorn. They need to keep power to themselves, and they use it as leverage, especially in relationships. You, on the other hand, love seeing the social and psychological connections between people in relationships; you don’t want to control it all.

However, you do enjoy the benefits that Capricorn brings to the relationship — including an independent and comfortable lifestyle. This is not your driving motivation, but you’re not going to say no to it either. Capricorn will have to understand this difference between you if the relationship is to survive.

Libra, you’re spontaneous and love bubbly entertainment; Capricorn is usually more comfortable to hang out in a more laidback, even solitary setting.

As your relationship develops, this urge for privacy will be a pretty big stumbling block for you. But if you do tire of the ways of the world (not likely), you could find it very enriching to spend more time with just your partner.

When it comes to matters of intimacy, another difference between you is revealed. Capricorn is quite traditional, where you’re more prepared to try new things. This could lead to difficulties, but it needn’t.

You have a chance to open Capricorn to a more fulfilling self-image by breaking down their barriers.

Capricorn will have to trust you on this. They’ll need to surrender to a broader palette of human possibilities in the realm of sex and love. If you can convince them this is a worthy goal, they will yield and open their hearts gradually. The question is, how long are you prepared to wait?

Capricorns born between 22 December and 1 January are probably hard nuts to crack, but don’t let this deter you from the challenge of bringing love to this quite traditional star sign.

You are most compatible with Capricorns born between 2 January and 20 January, as they complement your strongly communicative nature. They may have issues about power and control, but you might just be able to communicate your way out of that and build a relationship that will satisfy you both. They are also quite open to exploring life with you.


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