Libra + Leo

Air + Fire = Hot Air

You are wonderfully social and love to be with people, sharing warmth and vitality. You have a very broad and interesting view of life and can fit in with almost anyone you meet — some people might describe you as a chameleon because you’re so good at changing yourself to fit a situation. Because of all this Leo is drawn to you, and you will be great friends. Your sign is classed under the element of air: you have the ability to increase the warmth of Leo’s fire by fanning their flames. In astrology, the combined influence of air and fire usually produces a relationship that is close and has lots of sexual excitement.


You’re concerned with diplomacy and balance. You hate any sort of argument or disruption to the peace of your life, and will go to great lengths to maintain that calm. Leo is different: they have an ‘in your face’ attitude and like to call a spade a shovel, even if that unsettles the status quo.

You’ll see Leo’s honesty as a plus, but you’d prefer them to use a more polished way of presenting the truth. You don’t believe that abrasiveness helps get the point across, so Leo’s attitude could rattle you at times.

There’s a strong romantic attraction between you, and you make an eye-catching couple. You have charisma, and draw people to you like a magnet. This will bring you luck, and your partnership will be successful professionally and socially.

As the two of you get to know each other, you’ll realise that your common interests include such things as hosting parties and going to dinners and other functions.

You have great camaraderie and the prospect of a good relationship with Leos born between 23 July and 4 August. You’ll be very attracted to them and will enjoy their progressive thinking and their independence.

You could feel a little destabilised by Leos born between 5 August and 14 August — the Sagittarian and Jupiter influence means too much change for your liking. You like variety, but their heavy travel agenda will be a little too much. These Leos are always on the go; they will tire you out after a while unless you’re prepared to jet-set with them.

For the most part, you and Leo get on pretty well, sexually. But there are some Leos you are going to get on extra well with: those born between 15 August and 23 August. Aries and Mars co-rule these people, and this brings out their passion and fire. You can have a great friendship and a great sexual connection with them.


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