Libra + Sagittarius

Air + Fire = Hot Air

There’s something really refreshing about the combination of Libra and Sagittarius. There’s an immediate sense of comfort, and easy communication when you come together, and you’ll prove a worthy friend for the wild and outspoken Sagittarian. You have the ability to slowly but surely polish the rough Sagittarian diamond. There are similarities between your signs: most importantly, Sagittarians love variety, change and exploration just as you do. So they’ll be able to provide you with the excitement and diversity that you thrive on, whether you’re mixing with friends or strangers.


You might decide to holiday together or go on long walks as a couple — this somehow helps you slip into interesting discussion and emotional sharing.

Some Librans and Sagittarians meet each other while they are on holidays, travelling overseas or interstate … or, would you believe, standing at the bus stop!

Sagittarius is very interested in travel, which happens to be your third sector of trekking, so this is often a factor in your meeting and developing a friendship.

The romantic side of your relationship is interesting. If you can get over the initial shock/horror of their ‘in your face’ attitude to sex, you’ll really enjoy intimacy together. Sagittarius must be careful not to push you too far at first. You are very sensitive and don’t like being taken beyond what you consider good taste. Once you start to relax, though, and to know each other really well, your closeness will move to a deeper level and your satisfaction will increase.

Sagittarians born between 23 November and 1 December are probably too pompous for you; even if you do finally start to make a go of a friendship with them, that initial hurdle will not be an easy one to overcome. Still, there’s no harm in trying, and as they say, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

The best Sagittarians for you are those born between 2 December and 11 December.

They are strongly defined by Mars and Aries as well as Sagittarius. They are fighting characters, hot-natured, and tend to be on the go all the time. You’ll need lots of physical energy to keep up with them. Oodles of sport and outdoor activities will suit both of you.

You can form great alliances with Sagittarians born between 12 December and 21 December. These people are genuinely caring and sensitive at heart, even though they appear to have rather big egos. Don’t judge them too quickly; if you do, you may miss out on their special brand of love. You can in fact have a great relationship with them.


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