Libra + Virgo

Air + Earth = Dust

Your outgoing, social energies do a good job of balancing the nitpicky Virgo personality. Your love of friendship and open communication will be a tonic for them, helping them come out of their shell. But don’t forget that with Virgos, especially the shy type, there is another side. Virgos tend to dish out criticism on a regular basis, and you must be prepared to accept some of it. Fortunately, you can handle constructive criticism, because you feel this is the way to improve yourself. Remember, you are symbolically represented by the scales of justice, which means you can see both sides of any situation.


You’ll be able to listen to their opinions and honestly try to implement their suggestions. Virgos will love that.

The other reason you do this is because you know that improving yourself is the best way you can give something back to Virgo and build your relationship with them. Once Virgo sees this, a positive feedback loop will start to happen between you.

You are free and easy-going by nature.

You love spontaneous action, and Virgo’s love of a fixed timetable won’t easily fit in with that. You’ll need to talk this through, to find out just how much adjustment is necessary so that they can feel comfortable. You like having a free rein to explore your huge social world; Virgo is not that way inclined.

You also like to explore your sexual side — Virgo has to learn to live with this, because it too is not their way. You like to talk about how you feel in a relationship straight away; Virgo needs a more structured and formal friendship first, before they get too involved. These points of difference will be far more marked with some types of Virgos than with others.

Virgos born between 24 August and 2 September will be a good match for you in terms of emotional understanding, and they are not as critical as many other Virgos. Communication with them will flow easily — this combination is not a bad one at all.

Virgos born between 3 September and 12 September are far more serious, and won’t enjoy your social life.

They are not very open to meeting people and spending time in groups, which is something you need to do. Think carefully before getting into a relationship with these Virgos.

Virgos born between 13 September and 22 September could be ideally suited to you. They will respond to you sexually in just the right way. However, they can be progressive sexually, and they can take a rather experimental approach to love. If this isn’t your cup of tea, stick with friendship instead of aiming for love.


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