Pisces + Pisces

Water + Water = Deluge

Who will ever understand the mysterious Piscean personality better than another Piscean? The emotional and sensitive energies that you both bring to this relationship will create a downpour of loving rapture and ecstasy. If the two of you can get properly organised, you’ll be able to balance being practical with being mystical. You’re both highly impressionable, and you both need grounding if you’re going to make any headway in life together.


It’s not enough to dream about what you want. This will be the problem in a double Pisces combination: dreaming, planning and talking but no carrying out of those plans.

You’ll sense a sublime love for and surrender to each other. This love will feel like an almost supernatural, religious experience. With the exception of Scorpio and Cancer, the other two water signs, you may not have as great a relationship with any other star sign. This could be a relationship of undying love.

A reminder here: the ideal of Pisces is self-sacrifice and loving service to others. Imagine the power of unconditional love being shared by two Pisces! There are some less-developed Pisceans, though, who are not able to do this yet. Which kind of Piscean is your lover?

You’ll need to sort this out quickly. Clearly establish the nature of your association: is the purpose of your being together a noble one, or are you simply two victims trying to prop each other up? This is somewhere you don’t want to be. The downside of the Pisces/Pisces combination is that in your desire to help each other you could both suffer emotional wounds and start seeing yourselves as martyrs. Don’t let your love turn into a battleground for your bleeding hearts.

If you get together with a Pisces born between 19 February and 28/29 February, your relationship may reach sublime heights. You will share the same vision of love, and will spur each other on to greater and more selfless love. You’ll both make certain that the other’s needs are fully met.

Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March are good matches for other Pisceans, especially other Pisceans born in this period. This is because the sensitive Moon is in tune with your emotional needs enough to help you achieve a good deal of domestic satisfaction. These Pisceans are quite changeable and mood, though.

Pisceans born between 11 March and 20 March are an excellent match because of their Pluto–Scorpio co-rulership. They are passionate, idealistic and more driven than most Pisceans. You can have a lot of excitement, as well as long-term satisfaction, with them.


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