Sagittarius + Aquarius

Fire + Air = Hot Air

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius love a busy — perhaps even hectic — timetable, and love meeting people. You are likely to become great friends. New and progressive ideas and generally being in the centre of social action is something you both seek, so anything to do with clubs, theatres, outings and outdoor sports will attract both of you. But there are differences too. Your enthusiasm and self-confidence makes you very warm and demonstrative; Aquarius is a little more aloof.


You must remember that Aquarius is very quirky by nature and progressive in all their attitudes. Fortunately, this doesn’t worry you. You are happy to let people have their own views.

But be prepared for some pretty abrupt and unexpected changes from Aquarius.

Even though they are more methodical and prudent than you, there are times when they need a complete change of pace. This might throw you off balance and leave you struggling to adjust.

Life with an Aquarian will be dynamic, and never dull or routine. You’ll find yourselves spending hour upon hour deep in discussions — about everything from the environment to politics to conspiracy theories to who knows what. You’ll entertain each other, and this will be the basis for a good, long-term friendship if nothing else.

The sexual side of your relationship is likely to be high-energy and exciting.

Aquarius is very electric, and very desirable. Your affection can help Aquarius relax and become calmer. This will be a great improvement on their usual frenzied approach. As long as they don’t bring that into the bedroom, you’ll be happy.

If you find yourself with an Aquarian born between 21 January and 30 January you might be surprised to find just how strong-willed they are. It’s likely there will be a clash of wills, and a fierce clash at that! Take extra precautions if you’re seriously thinking of a relationship with them.

Aquarians born between 31 January and 8 February are affected by the sign of Gemini and Mercury, which happens to rule your marriage sector. Holy wedlock might just be on the cards if you end up in a relationship with someone born in this period. Good luck.

Most Aquarians born between 9 February and 18 February will be far more romantically drawn to you if you’re born between 23 November and 1 December. The touch of Venus will help them soothe your soul and make you feel loved and cared for.


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