Sagittarius + Aries

Fire + Fire = Explosion

Coming together with an Aries is all systems go! Sagittarius/Aries is a powerful and adventurous match, so an exciting joyride awaits you both in this fiery combination. In many cases it’s love at first sight — it won’t take long to fan the flames of each other’s desire.


There is also a great deal of joy and playfulness in this combo. This is because your ruling planets are friendly. Likewise, you have a sense that each of you somehow reflects the qualities of the other. This ensures good understanding, and easy communication between you.

Occasionally you’ll find that your discussions get heated, even disagreeable. At other times your Aries partner will be thought-provoking and enthralling. At least there’ll never be a dull moment! Aries will keep you on your toes. They don’t like boring and predictable relationships any more than you do. To both of you, variety is the spice of life.

Aries will fire you up and support you in your ambitions, and you’ll be able to take their boisterous energy and help them direct it to bigger and better things. This way you’ll both be inspired and supported. And over time, you’ll be able to bring out Aries’ intuition and idealism.

There’s a karmic element to this relationship too; there’s something lucky and predestined about your meeting. This is one of those relationships that you know has a chance of working.

Your freedom-loving independence is a good match for Aries’ dramatic and outgoing nature. There’ll be no stopping either of you if you decide to commit to this relationship. There’ll be plenty of travel, too, and that will also bring out your like-mindedness. Your sexual appetites verge on the extreme. The two of you will spend hours enjoying the art of lovemaking. You’re well suited, sexually — there should be plenty of passionate times.

If you’re a Sagittarian born between 12 December and 21 December, you’ll be ideally suited to Arians born between 31 March and 10 April. You’ll understand each other well, and that will help the relationship over the long term. If you’re looking for long-term stability and romantic fulfilment, an Aries born between 11 April and 20 April could be the one for you. They seem to ground you.

Expect sparks to fly if you partner up with an Aries born between 21 April and 30 March. If you’re born between 2 December and 11 December, you are co-ruled by Mars — your relationship with these Arians will be explosive and passionate.


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