Sagittarius + Cancer

Fire + Water = Steam

You might look like a knight in shining armour to the quiet and unassuming Cancer: they could be infatuated by your larger-than-life approach. In fact, you could sweep them off their feet. As they are very romantic, they will love the chase. However, sensitive Cancer could also see you as a hard nut to crack. This is despite the fact that Jupiter and the Moon, your respective ruling signs, are friendly and work extremely well together. This relationship may not be destined to work in the long run, but you never know.


You are honest to the point of bluntness — at times insensitively so. Cancer will appreciate your straightforward and happy manner, but they are extremely sensitive to criticism and to your ruthless style of honesty.

Also, Cancer will do their best to hide their feelings from you at times, and they’ll succeed. They won’t be able to do it for too long, though — at some point your burning heat will bring the usually cool waters of Cancer to the boil. So there could be a few showdowns in this combination.

You must learn the art of diplomacy — not one of your better skills — if you want to make a successful go of a relationship with Cancer. The flipside of the coin also applies: Cancer needs a thicker skin to handle your outbursts.

Cancer is a sexual zodiac sign to you, so there’s hope for a hot affair. But it could be fleeting, because of the many basic differences between your temperaments. How much energy the two of you are prepared to give to this relationship will determine how long it lasts.

Things can get difficult with Cancers born between 22 June and 3 July. Hypersensitivity seems to be one of their key personality traits and they may not easily handle your rather direct and often extravagant nature. If you do happen to be involved with someone born at this time try to be a little more considerate of these delicate beings’ feelings.

You might find yourself very attracted to a Cancer born between 4 July and 13 July. But don’t jump straight in, boots and all. There are things that could make this one hard for you in both the short term and the long term. Look carefully at these individuals’ characters and their family history. How have they dealt with family issues? This will have a bearing on your connection.

You will feel comfortable with and drawn to Cancers born between 14 July and 22 July. This is because they have some of the Jupiter influence that controls your life. If you want to get close and win their hearts, cosy nights by the fire will do it.


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