Sagittarius + Leo

Fire + Fire = Explosion

It’s pretty hard to beat the compatibility between Sagittarius and Leo. Both of you radiate warmth, power and beauty, and this is reflected in the open honesty of your relationship … if you happen to bump into each other on the road of life. Very few star signs can handle your blunt approach, but a fire sign like Leo can. Not only do they handle you; they thrive on you. There’s a karmic connection between you. Both of you will feel as if you know each other really well, even if you’ve just met. You mirror each other’s enthusiasm for life and enjoy what the other has to offer.


You’ll take Leo by the hand and inspire them to travel, explore and discover the world. This will fill Leo with light and warmth. Sagittarius, you sometimes forget all about the feelings of others when you’re dishing out the truth. And Leo is proud, so is there a danger that your ruthlessly honest tongue could inflict deep wounds on them? No, not really.

Leo will need to learn how to listen to what you have to say without reacting too strongly, but basically they understand that your honesty isn’t a cruel cut, but is rather an attempt to help and improve.

Leo, being a Sun sign, has an enthusiastic and energetic approach to life. If you are a typical Sagittarian, you will be far more easygoing than your Leo partner, but you will understand their needs and bring out the better side of their nature. There’s a creative spark in your sexual relationship, as fire is spontaneous, fresh and alive. Your physical connection should be loving and very invigorating. This is one of the better sexual combinations of the zodiac.

You seem to have a strong destiny with Leos born between 24 July and 4 August, because the Sun and Leo rule your higher learning. You’ll learn a lot about yourself if you have a relationship with these Leos — there will be many flashes of insight.

You see a lot of yourself in Leos born between 5 August and 14 August. They share many of your traits: optimism, love of travel and general curiosity. You’ll be able to engage in plenty of entertaining and valuable discussions with them.

There are some great love affairs between Sagittarians and Leos born between 15 August and 23 August. The additional rulership of Mars and Aries promises passion and sexual satisfaction. Make sure your health is strong — you’ll need it to be to keep up with these demands!


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