Sagittarius + Libra

Fire + Air = Hot Air

There’s something really refreshing about the combination of Libra and Sagittarius. There’s an immediate sense of comfort, an ease of communication and a general feeling of wellbeing when you and Libra connect. Libra will prove to be a worthy friend. They have the ability to slowly but surely polish the rough yet valuable Sagittarian diamond that you are.


There are similarities between your signs. Most importantly, you both love diversity, change and investigating the world and the people you come into contact with. Because of this you’ll be able to give Libra the excitement and variety they thrive on. This is particularly so when it comes to people. People are very important to Libra.

You might eventually choose to vacation together or simply go on long walks in beautiful natural surroundings. This will help you to slip into the groove of interesting discussion and emotional sharing which is vital to the wellbeing of a Libran.

Some Sagittarians and Librans meet while they are on holiday, travelling overseas or interstate (or, would you believe, standing at the bus stop on their way home from work). However it happens, you’re very interested in travel, and your star sign also strongly influences Libra’s travel tastes. This will be an important factor in your meeting and your friendship.

The romantic side of your relationship is a most interesting one. If Libra can get over the initial shock/horror of your ‘in your face’ attitude, you’ll both start enjoying your intimate moments together.

Be careful not to push Libra too far, though. They are very sensitive, and don’t like being taken beyond the limits of good taste. Once you begin to relax together, get to know each other more, your closeness will shift to a deeper level; your satisfaction will also intensify over time.

Librans born between 23 September and 3 October are probably a little too fickle for your liking, even though you see much of your own independence in them. You’ll need to do some pretty clever wheeling and dealing to bring them into line with your romantic objectives. Librans born between 4 October and 13 October also promise some exciting times. Things can even get a little zany when the two of you team up. Expect the unexpected with them.

You have incredibly good opportunities for marriage with Librans born between 14 October and 23 October. The influence of Gemini and Mercury, which rules your marriage sector, means that this is by far your best combination with Libra. You’ll be destined for good things with them.


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