Sagittarius + Sagittarius

Fire + Fire = Explosion

When two people are born under the same star sign it can be a rather hit and miss situation in terms of a relationship. In the case of two Sagittarians uniting their romantic energies, it can be a powerful combination, but it needs to be carefully managed. If you join forces with another Sagittarian, you’ll probably promise each other not to sit still, and not to put down roots too soon, because you both fear losing your freedom. This is at the heart of your nature. Luckily, you’ll both understand this need in the other.


You’re both interested in philosophy, travel, adventure, sport and anything else that keeps you intellectually and physically mobile. Does it make sense to experience all of this together as a unit? Absolutely. Just remember that too much colour and movement could leave very little room for a solid foundation if either of you wants to get serious. At some point you may need to define where freedom ends and commitment begins.

Both of you are honest in the way you express yourselves so there’ll never be anything hidden between you.

And both of you will dish out the Sagittarian brand of truth that pulls no punches. You’ll soon learn that you have to take it if you want to give it. There’ll be fun in your social life. This will be an exciting match as far as making friends, entertaining, and wining and dining are concerned. Sagittarius is extremely competitive, though, so you could end up trying to one-up each other in social situations — keep it friendly!

That competitive streak will work very well physically. Common interests such as sports will give you plenty of opportunities to compete. You will do well with any Sagittarian, but those born between 23 November and 1 December offer you a ton of variety, love, and confidence that you can make a go of things together. You’ll be very supportive of each other in your relationship. Love will come naturally to the two of you.

Sagittarians born between 2 December and 11 December are strongly influenced by Mars, so their physical appetites are very strong. You can’t afford to be a couch potato with these people. Getting into sports and other physical activities with them will improve your relationship, and it will be good for you — it will improve your health.

Sagittarians born between 12 December and 21 December have a strong Leo tinge to their personality. You may be attracted to them, but they may want to control you and change you. Also, they’re very proud, and are often inflexible in their attitudes. How you deal with all that will determine the long-term viability of this match.


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