Scorpio + Aquarius

Water + Air = Rain

You may doubt that there’s any chance of Scorpio and Aquarius having a long-term relationship. Both of you are stubborn, and both of you have very fixed ideas (which could become more ingrained as you get older), so there’s good reason for the doubts. Who will yield on an issue, an idea or an opinion? If you do get into a relationship, this will be the tricky area.


Scorpio is a feeling sign, and Aquarius can give you some of the emotional nourishment you need. This is not usually what people think about Aquarius, but they are sensitive and loving in their own way. They might suspect that your self-centredness is just a cover-up. It usually is! Let them know that.

You’re both determined, and you stick at whatever you take on till it’s finished. Also, you aren’t afraid of challenges. This is usually essential in terms of a relationship’s durability, but in this relationship it may be the opposite: the more you dig your heels in, the less chance there is that it will work.

When you get to a deadlock, you’ll need your best communication skills — and no personal bias — if you are to reach a fair compromise. This process will teach you a lot about each other and dissolve any intolerance between you. Ultimately this will help you both grow as human beings.

So is Scorpio sexually attracted to Aquarius? Yes! You will want to explore the sexual depths of Aquarius fully.

Good communication in the bedroom will be absolutely essential if you are to bring out this air sign’s passionate side. Sweet talking is a skill you’ll have to learn. But Aquarius will have to learn that too much talk is a turn-off for you. You prefer to express your feelings purely physically, without the head trip. Somewhere between these two extremes you’ll find a happy medium.

Aquarians born between 21 January and 31 January don’t seem to have what it takes to keep you hanging around for long. First, they change their opinions as often as the wind changes. Second, they can be rather explosive. This means it will be hard for the two of you to see eye to eye.

Aquarians born between 1 February and 8 February will keep you on your toes with their unusual communication style. If chatterboxes are not your type, stay away from these people.

Aquarians born between 9 February and 18 February will be an excellent choice for you, because they are influenced by Venus and Libra. This makes them not only intellectual, but also sensual and emotional.

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