Scorpio + Aries

Water + Fire = Steam

Power is the name of the game when a Scorpio and Aries combine forces. How you use this power will determine how much happiness you have together. In some cases a battle of wills is likely, as Aries have just as much fire and purposefulness as you. And of course when your elements are blended, you have a very steamy affair. In fact, this can be quite a sizzling relationship once it gets going. You will immediately be attracted to the passionate and sexual side of each other.


Scorpio will excite hot-headed Aries, and they will boost your desire to explore new possibilities. You’re both strong-willed individuals with unique personalities, so compromise will be important if you are to make a go of it together.

It seems that sexuality will dominate this relationship. Mars, which rules you, controls the Aries character as well. You have so much in common. However, Aries will find it hard to negotiate and come to an understanding with you, particularly in home life and domestic affairs.

They’ll want the house to be a centre of excitement and partying, and the destination for an endless stream of visitors.

You, on the other hand, being a very secretive and private person, will want your home to be a sanctuary or haven rather than Grand Central Station. This will create conflicts.

You will be at loggerheads over life perspectives too, because you are both very determined and forceful in your views. You’ll clash intensely. These bouts of rage, when you both try to prove your superiority over the other, will, however, be nicely relieved by kiss and make up sessions. You could well find yourselves infuriating each other just to get to that exciting bedroom aftermath!

You’ll have a fiery and dynamic combination with Aries born between 21 March and 30 March.

They will not take to any of your emotional control games. If you can give them the space they need, your great sexual relationship will more than make up for these other issues. Those born between 31 March and 10 April might try to dominate you, especially in work and other professional activities, which will seriously annoy you. This could be a disastrous combo if you don’t like submitting yourself to someone else — and most Scorpios don’t.

Aries born between 11 April and 19 April are probably best suited to you, because they have Jupiter and Sagittarius strongly co-ruling them. You have very strong emotional and karmic connections with Aries born during this period.


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