Scorpio + Leo

Water + Fire = Steam

The combination of Scorpio and Leo is indeed a remarkable one. Both of you have incredibly powerful wills and well-developed egos, and you both need to feel respected by the other if you’re going to make a go of this relationship. You’re both stubborn and inflexible, but your spirit will thaw under Leo’s warm rays of sunshine. You’re sensual and emotional, and for the most part an intense type of person. This is exactly the type of energy that will attract Leo and create a powerful and emotional relationship.


If we look for a combination of Scorpio and Leo we needn’t go any further than former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. Bill Clinton is the essence of strong leadership, which is what Leo is all about. But Hillary is just as proud, inflexible and determined as he is. Perhaps she will try to be the first female president in the White House. This desire for power is sure to have attracted them to each other.

Hillary’s support had a marked impact on Bill Clinton’s political life.

Theirs has been an incredibly strong bond, surviving several public scandals. Both signs are extremely romantic and loyal, so you’ll mate for life, through thick and thin like the Clintons. Bill, although very loyal, seems not to exhibit as obsessive a love as Hillary.

Scorpio has a fascination with such things as death and the afterlife. If this unnerves Leo and makes you seem too deep for them, they’ll ask you to back off for a while until they can absorb and deal with what you’re on about.

They have tremendous respect for your analytical mind, but will also want to prove their worth to you.

And they are up to it, even though at first they mightn’t seem so. Once they show you that they’re up to your mental level, you’ll be very drawn to them. Leos born between 23 July and 4 August have a very powerful sense of self and will be quite opinionated. This will grate on your nerves and make it hard for you to see eye to eye with them. Who will submit?

Scorpio is subtle about exerting power and control and likes to leave a little to the imagination, whereas Leo prefers to strut centre stage. This contrast could be particularly strong with Leos born between 5 August and 14 August, who need to sometimes exaggerate and make things far more theatrical than you like.

Leos born between 15 August and 23 August are really well suited to a long-term partnership with you, as their temperament is in keeping with yours.


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