Scorpio + Scorpio

Water + Water = Deluge

A match between Scorpio and Scorpio can be either heaven or hell. On the heaven side, unbridled passion will attract you to each other. Initially, physical bonding is very strong — it will make both of you long for each other even from the outset. In most cases, two Scorpios fall in love with each other very quickly, and soon realise that there’s a possibility of a lifelong commitment.


Another Scorpio instinctively understands your mind and heart, from the inside out. You can share your secrets with them. Often you won’t need to say a word to each other — a look will be enough for you to know what the other is feeling. You have a certain synchronicity, and you won’t need the endless discussions many relationships need. Their very presence is comforting.

Relationships between two Scorpios are not what other star signs would consider idyllic, because there are often tremendous upheavals and intense mood swings due to both sides’ inflexible position on many issues. If neither of you is capable of loving the other unconditionally, these problems will not be easy to overcome.

Because you love so deeply, you’re possessive, jealous and suspicious of each other. You both demand undivided loyalty, and this could eventually stifle you.

If neither of you rises to the occasion and allows the other some personal freedom, the relationship will turn into a battle of wills and a sticky web of emotional complexity. The only way out is to trust each other and not give way to your suspicions. This could be one of your most important karmic lessons.

Scorpios born between 24 October and 2 November are instantly attracted to you. Their sexual appeal will be heightened as a result. Once you become involved with them, you could find yourselves joined at the hip because there is such a close resemblance in personality.

Probably the best combination with another Scorpio will be with those born between 3 November and 12 November, who are partly ruled by Neptune and Pisces. These Scorpios provide you with pretty much everything you need to feel as if you’re in the perfect relationship. They’re idealistic, and believe that the most important thing in life is unconditional love.

You may have a gentler and more emotional relationship with Scorpios born between 13 November and 22 November. This is because the Moon and Cancer filter through their personalities and bring out the very emotional side of your nature. They are soft, caring, and very family oriented. If it’s family life you’re after, these Scorpios will be ideal for you.


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