Scorpio + Taurus

Water + Earth = Mud

Many Scorpios have been madly attracted and attached to Taurus, their opposite sign. Scorpios have a magnetic appeal that is unquestionably too much for Taurus to resist. As the old saying goes — opposites do attract. In your first meeting with Taurus you’ll find them very dynamic and strong, even though they may not say much. You’ll feel excited by the waves of passion that wash over you in their company. It’s a powerful attraction. Taurus will have similar feelings about you, because there’s an strong connection between your ruling planets, Mars and Venus.


Your star sign is fixed and watery, and the action of water on Taurus’s earth element won’t achieve much at first. Your inflexibility, plus their stubbornness, will result in quite a bit of conflict. You’ll agree on certain things, but argue and drive each other crazy on others. It’ll be head to head on many occasions. Both of you need to respect each other’s viewpoint.

Your constant need to express yourself through sex will flatter Taurus at first, but they need more affection and sensitivity and warmth if they are to feel secure about the relationship lasting. Taurus is very touchy-feely by nature, but they don’t want just sex! They need to feel secure.

You can help Taurus explore that untapped part of their nature in which their love and sensuality can reach a pinnacle, and Taurus can help you get in touch with your softer side.

Oddly, this relationship can bring up psychological challenges in the area of money, power and control. Although you’ll nurture and love each other, these issues will be a major testing ground for you. You mustn’t let this get in the way of developing a deeper love for one other.

Mostly Taurus will fare well with you, but those born between 20 April and 29 April are by far the best suited.

A true love match and possibly even marriage opportunities can be on the cards with people born during this time. You could be attracted to Taureans born between 30 April and 10 May, but you will find the relationship is more platonic than sexual — these people are more suited to social activities with you. You may not feel comfortable about taking friendships with them to the next level.

Business between you and those born between 11 May and 21 May could go well. Before getting too involved with them, though, make sure you clearly understand their financial needs and know how you can satisfy their need for security. Once this part of the relationship is sorted out, the emotional and sexual aspects will look after themselves.


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